Common Causes of Air Conditioning Problems in Your Car

Summer is in full swing and that means you’re likely using your car’s air conditioning more than ever. In order to keep your car’s AC system working properly during the hottest months of the year, it’s smart to consider taking the following steps.


  • Consider Having a Coolant (Radiator) Flush
    • Over time coolant breaks down and becomes dirty, needing to be changed (much the same as oil changes are necessary).  If the coolant becomes too dirty (with dirt and rust particles) it will clog the radiator, leading to more expensive problems.
  • Run Your Air Conditioner Regularly, Even if You’re Not Hot
    • This helps clear out and prevent buildup of mildew, and ensures the refrigerant circulates through the system, keeping important components of the cooling system well lubricated
  • Schedule an Annual Air Conditioning Tune Up
    • At Aardvark Automotive in Amarillo, we recommend a BG Air Conditioning Service annually to keep your car trouble free and provide disinfectant for your dash system, as well as the air you breathe. (Making it fun to drive!)


Signs and Causes of Problems with Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

It’s rare that your car’s air conditioning system will fail without a warning sign. Look for the following symptoms of a problem, and be sure to take your car into a top Amarillo auto repair shop as soon as possible to nip the problem in the bud, before it becomes a more costly repair.


  • Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool as Well as It Used To

This could be caused by something as simple as a loose hose, or the diminished cooling flow could because by a build-up of mold, mildew or other debris in the system’s evaporator, which makes it difficult for the cool air to reach the vents.In other cases, when your car’s air conditioning system doesn’t cool as well as it should, it could be caused by a damaged ventilation fan.


  • Your Car’s Air Conditioning System is Loud or Making Noises

Your car’s air conditioning system should run quietly.If you notice that it’s getting louder, or making an unusual noise, it’s best to bring it into our top-rated auto repair company, Aardvark Automotive.Many times, this noise indicates that there is a problem with the compressor.Problems with the compressor are frequently due to the compressor’s bearing becoming worn out, or because the compressor’s clutch has worn out.Both can be easily repaired at our auto service station in Amarillo.


  • Your Car’s Air Conditioning System Smells Bad

If you notice a bad smell when you run your car’s air conditioning system, it’s important to have it checked by a local, trusted auto repair company in Amarillo.At Aardvark Automotive, we can diagnose the cause of the smell, which is often an old or dirty cabin filter. In other cases, mold may have built up in the evaporator’s case, which can lead to odor, when your air conditioning system is running. Whatever the cause, we can repair it!


  • Water Has Accumulated Under the Floor Mats or The Dash

Water should be draining from the bottom of your car.If you notice it is building up anywhere in your car (as seen in pools or puddles of water, or in water stains), it’s time to take it to an auto repair shop. The presence of water under floor mats or trapped in the dash indicates that the drainage system is blocked, and it needs to be repaired.


If you’re planning a road trip this summer, we recommend scheduling an air conditioning service prior to hitting the road.  During a tune up, our professional technicians at Aardvark Automotive will thoroughly inspect your car’s air conditioning systems, identify any potential problems, and professionally tune up your car to ensure you have a comfortable journey, wherever you’re headed.


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